established in 1992, originally as gideon scott architects, indigo architects has considerable skills + experience in a range of project types of varying scales. the practice thrives on diversity + prefers not to specialise in any particular sector.

the partners are personally involved with every aspect of the architectural process + additional resources for larger projects are drawn in as + when required. the partners' skills are complementary with gideon providing conceptual design, planning + documentation, while nemone provides planning, management, detailed design, technical + administration skills

gideon's interest in contemporary culture, multifunctional design + current affairs brings new ideas + technologies to the practice. he has a keen interest in the role of technology in architectural practice, + has built up considerable skills in computer aided design, graphic design, programming + analysis software.
nemone provides the practice with skills in feasibility studies + the planning, programming + costing of projects. she has considerable management + administration skills + thorough technical knowledge + experience. she is also a skilled facilitator who has worked at all levels of local + national government + is able to bring planners, communities + clients together to work toward a common, identified goal.

communication + client participation in the design + decision-making process in an important part of the practice's methodology + ensures that the project benefits from the skills of all the relevant role-players.

while the partners are committed to modern design, they approach each project in a flexible + pragmatic manner to achieve an appropriate solution


indigo architects operate from their own premises in the bo-kaap district of cape town, shared with professionals in allied fields of installation art, graphic design, interior design, landscape design, architecture, project management + property development.
this allows a natural interaction, co-operation + collaboration between members of the studio + allows the practice to tackle a wide range of project types.

the practice has extensive experience + in-house development of CAD, image processing + management software which allows for efficient documentation + brochure production, + allows the practice the ability to produce + transfer documents between other mainstream packages.

as part of the design process, the practice provides rendered images of the buildings + interiors. these images are used to inform the clients during the design process + can be used by the clients for marketing purposes.

the practice has both a conventional + digital library, keeping up to date with construction material developments. good working relationships have been established with local associated professionals to provide a comprehensive service to clients